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Business consulting, advisor and certified executive business coach

Larry Rudwick, founder of McWick, Inc. ( is a business consultant, advisor and certified executive business coach. Larry primarily works with small privately-owned businesses to help improve their profitable sales, bottom line income and cash flowoften by helping clients set, achieve and exceed their goals.

Background: Larry has been an inventor (obtaining 3 patents) and serial entrepreneur, who grew a very successful manufacturing and distribution business. It became the #1 wheelchair parts and accessories supplier in the USA, growing to 65 employees, with 45% of the US markets. Later it was sold to the #1 wheelchair manufacturer. After the sale, Larry received his executive coaching certification.

His business philosophy is simple: Often relatively simple changes can make the difference between success and failure in business (and in life)! Larry works with his clients to first help figure out what those needed changes are. Then he often helps make sure these changes happen, sometimes even getting personally involved in making some of the agreed on changes himself. In the case of Local Trade Group, he rewrote and created their printed tri-fold brochure. He rewrote much of this LTG website as well.

Larry's passion is working with interested, motivated open-minded business owners, who truly want to grow their businesses but are not quite sure what the next best steps are, or need a bit more confidence to take the next steps - business owners who see the value of working with someone "who's been there himself AND with many other business owners many times before".

Feel free to browse his website and contact him to schedule a free consultation!

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